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2.4 GHz WiFi Antennas
2.4 GHz Grid
2.4G Dish (MIMO)
2.4 GHz Sector
2.4G Sector (MIMO)
2.4 GHz Omni
2.4G Omni (MIMO)
2.4 GHz Ceiling
2.4G Ceiling (MIMO)
2.4 GHz Patch
2.4G Patch (MIMO)
2.4 GHz CPE
2.4 GHz Yagi
2.4 GHz Mobile
2.4 GHz Rubber Duck (Swivel)
2.4 GHz Rubber Duck (Right Angle)
2.4 GHz Rubber Duck (Straight)
2.4 GHz Vehicle
2.4 GHz Backfire
MIMO 2400-2500 MHz 15 dBi 65° 2x Vertical Polarity 1x Horizontal Polarity Sector Antenna
   Antenna Model No. J2400MMS15-65-VPx2-HPx1
   Frequency Range  2400 - 2500 MHz
   Bandwidth 100 MHz
   Gain 3x 15 dBi
   Horizontal Beamwidth 65°
   Vertical Beamwidth 16°
   Front-to-Back Ratio 23 dB
   VSWR   1.5
   Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms
   Maximum Power 100 Watts
   Polarization 2x  Vertical Polarization
1x Horizontal Polarization
   Connectors 3x  N Female
   Dimensions 15.0" x 9.8" x 1.8" / 380 x 250 x 45 mm
   Weight 5.1 lbs / 2.3 kg
   Wind Load 120 mph / 60 m/s
   Radome ABS
   Mast Mount Diameter 2.0" - 2.8" / 50 - 70 mm
   Operating Temperature  -22°F to 140°F / -30°C to 60°C
    Antenna Applications  
  802.11a antenna discreet antenna hospital antenna
  802.11b antenna distributed antenna host point antenna
  802.11e antenna distribution antenna hotel antenna
  802.11g antenna dock antenna hot-spot antenna
  802.11n antenna dome antenna in-building antenna
  access point antenna down link antenna indoor antenna
  adsl antenna dual band antenna indoor mount antenna
  antenna array dual band antenna industrial antenna
  antenna solution dual polarized antenna in-home antenna
  antenna solutions dual polarity antenna integral antenna
  ap antenna dual polarization antenna integrated antenna
  articulating antenna dual slant antenna interference antenna
  Bluetooth antenna dualband antenna internal antenna
  booster antenna baron antenna in-tunnel antenna
  broadband antenna defense antenna inwave antenna
  building antenna automotive antenna ip video antenna
  camera antenna automotive electronics antenna iptv antenna
  campus antenna converged antenna ip-tv antenna
  cast aluminum antenna convergence antenna ism band antenna
  ceiling tile antenna educational antenna ism433 antenna
  client antenna embedded antenna ism868 antenna
  collinear antenna emergency antenna license antenna
  communication antenna active antenna license exempt antenna
  communicational antenna advanced antenna licensed band antenna
  compact antenna auditorium antenna lightweight antenna
  compact size antenna automatic antenna linear antenna
  consumer electronics antenna built-in antenna long-range antenna
  CPE antenna city antenna low gain antenna
  custom antenna Ethernet antenna low loss antenna
  custom design antenna facility antenna low power antenna
  customer premises equipment federal antenna low profile antenna
  customized antenna federal band antenna low visibility antenna
  data antenna fiberglass antenna low visual impact antenna
  data communications antenna flat panel antenna lumberyard antenna
  data links antenna game center antenna m2m antenna
  depot antenna high gain antenna mag mount antenna
  die cast antenna high performance antenna magnetic antenna
  directional antenna high quality antenna magnetic mount antenna
  directive antenna home antenna manufacturing antenna
  discone antenna horn antenna marine antenna
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