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3.5 GHz WiMax Antennas
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3400-3600 MHz 11 dBi Vertical Polarity Omni-directional Antenna
   Antenna Model No. J3500O11
   Frequency Range  3400 - 3600 MHz
   Bandwidth 200 MHz
   Gain 11 dBi
   Horizontal Beamwidth 360°
   Vertical Beamwidth 9.5°
   VSWR   1.5
   Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms
   Maximum Power 100 Watts
   Polarization Vertical
   Connector N Female
   Length (Height) 31.5 / 800 mm
   Wind Load 120 mph / 60 m/s
   Radome Fiberglass
   Mast Mount Diameter 1.6" - 2.0" / 40 - 50 mm
   Operating Temperature  -22°F to 140°F / -30°C to 60°C
    Antenna Applications  
  medical antenna picture frame antenna rural antenna
  medical device antenna pigtail antenna rv antenna
  medical equipment antenna pipe antenna shopping mall antenna
  mesh antenna planar antenna short range antenna
  meter reading antenna pmp antenna side mount antenna
  metering antenna pmr antenna single band antenna
  metro antenna pnd antenna single polarized antenna
  metropolitan antenna poe antenna single polarity antenna
  micro screen antenna point to multi point antenna single polarization antenna
  microstrip antenna point to multipoint antenna telecom antenna
  microwave antenna point to point antenna telecommunications antenna
  military antenna pole mount antenna telemetry antenna
  Mimo antenna police antenna unlicensed antenna
  mine antenna police car antenna unlicensed band antenna
  mini antenna portable antenna up link antenna
  mini squint antenna power over Ethernet antenna urban antenna
  miniature antenna premises antenna uv protected antenna
  mobile antenna printed dipole antenna video link antenna
  mobile wireless antenna printed monopole antenna video security antenna
  mobile phone antenna ptp antenna video transmission antenna
  mobile radio antenna public antenna voice antenna
  mobile unit antenna public radio antenna voice link antenna
  modem antenna public safety antenna VoIP antenna
  multi-band antenna quad band antenna wall mount antenna
  multipath antenna quadband antenna warehouse antenna
  municipal antenna Quarterwave antenna waterproof antenna
  network antenna radio frequency antenna weatherproof antenna
  network equipment antenna radome enclosed antenna whip antenna
  networking antenna reflector antenna wibro antenna
  next generation antenna remote control antenna wide angle antenna
  oem antenna remote monitoring antenna wide band antenna
  office antenna research institute antenna wifi antenna
  onboard antenna rf antenna Wi-Fi antenna
  one stop shop antenna rf repeater antenna wireless antenna
  outdoor antenna RoHS antenna wireless bridge antenna
  outdoor mount antenna roof mount antenna wireless infrastructure antenna
  panel mount antenna roof top antenna wireless LAN antenna
  pantheon antenna rootenna antenna wireless video antenna
  passive antenna router antenna WLAN antenna
  pc card antenna rugged antenna WLL antenna
  phantom antenna ruggedized antenna Zigbee antenna
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