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JACC LIMITED is authorized distributor of BFDX Handheld FM Transceivers
BFDX Model:  BF-318
Distributed by JACC
FM Radio
PC and Manual Programming
DTMF, 2 Ton, 5 Ton, Scrambler
Time-out Timer (TOT)
Super-long Standy Time (upto 300 Hours)
Wide / Narrow Band (25 kHz / 12.5 kHz)
Wired Clone
Low Battery Alam
Busy Channel Locked (BCL)
Reverse Frequency
   BFDX Model No. BF-318
Distributed by JACC
   Frequency Range 136-174MHz, 350-390MHz, 400-470MHz
   Channels 99
   Channel Spacing 25 kHz (Wide) / 12.5 kHz (Narrow)
   Operating Temperature  -4°F to 140°F / -20°C to 60°C
   Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms
   Working Voltage 3.7V DC (+/-20%)
   Battery Capacity 3200 mAh (Li-ion)
   Frequency Stability  +/- 2.5 ppm
   Dimensions 2.3" x 1.6" x 4.1" / 59 x 41 x 103 mm
   Weight 0.484 lbs / 220g (including battery pack)
   Power Output   3 Watts
   Modulation Mode 16KF3E (Wide) / 8KF3E (Narrow)  
   Clutter and Harmonic   -36 dBm
   FM Noise   -40 dB
   Audio Distortion   5%
   Adjacent Channel Power 65dB (Wide) / 55dB (Narrow)
   Modulation Limit  5 kHz (Wide) / 2.5 kHz (Narrow)
   Sensitivity (at 12dB SINARD) 0.165uV (Wide) / 0.2uV (Narrow)
   Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60dB (Wide) / 50dB (Narrow)
   Intermodulation Rejection 60dB (Wide) / 50dB (Narrow)
   Spurious Rejection 60dB (Wide) / 50dB (Narrow)
   Signal to Noise Ratio 45dB (Wide) / 40dB (Narrow)
   Audio Ouput Power 500 mW
   Audio Distortion   5%
    Antenna Applications  
  all weather antenna in car antenna transmitter antenna
  am radio antenna license antenna transport antenna
  amplified antenna load coil antenna tri band antenna
  amps antenna motor antenna thru hole antenna
  car mount antenna motor driven antenna thru-hole antenna
  cb antenna navigation antenna tilt mount antenna
  cb radio antenna spring antenna truncated antenna
  consumer antenna spring load antenna trunk antenna
  consumer electronics antenna standalone antenna trunk lid mount antenna
  customized antenna standard gain antenna trunking antenna
  environmental friendly antenna taxi antenna tunable antenna
  European antenna telecom antenna tuned antenna
  facility antenna telecommunications antenna tunnel antenna
  federal antenna terminal antenna tunnel antenna
  federal band antenna tetra antenna UHF antenna
  NMO antenna Motorola style antenna Two way radio antenna
  fm antenna track antenna vehicle mount antenna
  fm radio antenna tracker antenna vehicular antenna
  Halfwave antenna tractor antenna vessel antenna
  handheld antenna trailer antenna VHF antenna
  headset antenna train antenna Walkie talkie antenna
  highway antenna tramway antenna mobile radio antenna
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